Experimental BBQ 7-16-11

No, there was no experimental food, but plenty of different experimental musics. Here are the four acts we had in order of their performance:

Teddy Rankin-Parker, a virtuosic cellist in traditional, improvisational and experimental styles.

L’├ętern├Ębre. They are a continuing improvisational ambient project under the umbrella of Screaming Claws. Core members are Natalie Chami, Brian Griffith, and sometimes Nicholas Davis (that is Nick with the HVAC tube).

Ben McFadden (left), known as McFabulous & Rebel Man improvising with Jake Elliott (find him @ dai5ychain.net & Cardboard Computer). This was a treat because neither had met before that night, so they had definitely never played together before. Turned out to be a great, first-time improvisation.

Lastly, ARCANEBOLT, A trio of electronic wizardry: Alex Inglizian running most of the audio, Tamas Kemenczy & Mark Beasley running the video and incidentally some the audio. Very inspiring project!